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DWI Lawyers Staten Island

Staten Island DWI Defense Attorney

If you or a loved one is charged with DWI in Staten Island or in any part of New York City, you should take it very seriously. Your choice of DWI Lawyers in Staten Island must be the right one. Thatís because the DWI laws in New York and New Jersey are severe. Without a skilled, dedicated DWI lawyer, you could be facing jail time, a criminal record, loss of your driver's license and other penalties.

Do not speak with any law enforcement official without first contacting experienced DUI Lawyers in Staten Island. Do not grant permission to search your vehicle.

Contact the Staten Island DWI Lawyers at Helbock, Nappa & Gallucci, LLP, at (718) 273-9000.

Criminal defense lawyer Mario Gallucci, a partner in our Staten Island, New York, law firm, has over 17 years of experience defending DWI cases. He is a former assistant district attorney in Richmond County, and was a principal attorney in its major felony unit. He understands what prosecutors must prove in these cases, and knows how to challenge an investigation whenever grounds exist for doing so. We will provide you with an aggressive DWI defense from the moment you hire us.

Call the DUI Lawyers at Helbock, Nappa & Gallucci, LLP, in Staten Island at (718) 273-9000.

We will protect your constitutional rights. DWI laws are complex. Police must follow precise procedures in DUI cases. For a variety of reasons, they sometimes err. Just because a police office says you "failed" a test does not mean you are guilty of drunk driving. A field sobriety test may require a police officer's subjective judgment. Breath tests can be challenged. They might return false positives. Police equipment is not always properly calibrated. Other tests, such as blood and urine, also can be challenged in court.

If you or a loved one is charged with DUI, contact the DUI attorneys at Helbock, Nappa & Gallucci, LLP, at (718) 273-9000 in Staten Island for a free consultation on your defense case.