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Drug Crimes

Staten Island Drug Crime Attorney

A drug crime conviction can carry a weighty penalty in New York or New Jersey. You need a criminal defense lawyer with skill and experience defending drug cases.

Criminal defense lawyer Mario Gallucci, a partner in our Staten Island, New York, law firm, is a former assistant district attorney in Richmond County. He was a prosecutor in a drug unit for six and a half years. He knows the street drug scene and the legal system. For the past 11-plus years, he has acted solely as a criminal defense attorney, defending against the most serious A1 felony drug crimes, including distribution, trafficking, and conspiracy.

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In order to protect your constitutional rights against improper search and seizure, police must follow proper procedures and cannot act illegally when they arrest you for a drug crime. Often a drug possession charge is based on an illegal search and seizure, or the use of an undercover cop’s “buy and bust” street operation. If police did not follow proper procedures, or if they violated your constitutional rights, we will move to dismiss your case. We win many drug cases at this early stage, before they get close to trial.

You future may be in severe jeopardy if the federal government is involved. Federal agents and prosecutors may try to pressure you into admitting or confessing your involvement in a drug crime. Federal laws—including RICO, racketeering, and organized crime laws—carry long prison sentences.

Do not talk to prosecutors or the police, and do not think of pleading guilty, until you talk to an experienced drug defense lawyer.

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