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Real Estate

Staten Island Real Estate Attorney

If you are seeking to buy or sell a home, or if you desire more space to expand your business, we can help you as a full-service law firm that handles all types of commercial and residential real estate transactions, both purchases and sales.

Contact Helbock, Nappa & Gallucci, LLP, at (718) 273-9000.

There is rarely a ''simple'' real estate transaction. New York and New Jersey real estate law is complex. You need a skilled real estate attorney. Many complicated issues arise in the sale of a home, including matters involving:

  • delivery of possession
  • lien, judgment and parking violation issues
  • negotiation of the terms of the contract
  • review of defects outlined in the engineer's report
  • tax questions
  • the title inspection

At the Staten Island, New York, law firm Helbock, Nappa & Gallucci, LLP, we can assist you with all these services.

Contact Helbock, Nappa & Gallucci, LLP, at (718) 273-9000.

From the initial consultation through all subsequent phone calls, correspondence, and conferences, our office will provide you with our full-service approach. There are many components to a real estate transaction. We will:

  • Review the draft of and negotiate the changes to the contract of sale
  • Review the title abstract
  • Prepare documents for the closing of title
  • Schedule the title closing meeting
  • Negotiate and calculate all adjustments in the purchase price
  • Attend the closing
  • Prepare the transaction summary
  • Record the documents of the mortgage and title

If you are in a dispute over a real estate transaction, we will represent your interests. Has someone backed out of (defaulted) a deal to buy or sell real estate? Is someone refusing to come to the table after reaching a legitimate agreement? Our lawyers will represent your interests, negotiate, and, if required, represent you in a legal action.

Contact Helbock, Nappa & Gallucci, LLP, at (718) 273-9000 for a free consultation. Our real estate lawyers are ready to serve you.